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Last Updated: Monday, March 23, 2009


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  GM Benefits & Services Center
  TTY Service for Hearing or Speech Impaired:
  Overseas Calls
Dial your country's toll-free AT&T Direct access number
then enter 877-833-9900.
In the U.S., call 1-800-331-1140 to obtain AT&T Direct access numbers. From anywhere in the world, access numbers are available online at www.att.com/traveler or from your local operator.

Health Insurance Contact Information

  Comprehensive Health
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GM Product Information

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  GM Web Sites & Phone #'s
  GM Retiree and Surviving Spouse Information Guide

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Miscellaneous Web Sites

These links are provided as a source of potentially useful information for members.  OTHCP takes no position either with respect to the validity of the information or with respect to other purposes of the sponsoring persons or organizations. Click on the link to access the website.

FirstGov.gov is the official U.S. gateway to all government information and services.

The Pension Rights Center, protecting and promoting retirement security.

Benefitnews.com is a complete online resource for benefits and HR professionals.

Benefits CheckUp  is a service to screen benefits for older adults.

National Pension Lawyers Network  can refer retirees to employee-benefits lawyers in your area.

American Academy of Actuaries operates a pension assistance list of actuaries.


SeniorJournal.Com  provides senior citizens news and information daily on the Web.

Benefits Link - is an independent website that provides free information and tools for benefit plan sponsors, service-providers and participants. 

United Benefits Advisors-  brings together the expertise, products, and services of many independent employee benefits firms.

Senior Discounts - Find the gold in the golden years.

Health Insurance Options - a service to compare and buy health insurance.

KAISER NETWORK provides information on national health issues.  

Medicare Rights Center  is the largest independent source of Medicare information and assistance in the United States.

KnowYour Pension is an independent organization committed to providing resources and information with the objective to insure the health of pension funds.