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Last Updated: December 16. 2010 1:00AM

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Malibu grabs 'Best Buy,' top safety honors

The 2011 Chevrolet Malibu sedan was named a 2011 Consumers Digest Automotive "Best Buy" and a Top Safety Pick for 2010 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The two awards add to Malibu's growing list of more than 40 industry honors since it was launched all-new in 2007 as a 2008 model.

The Malibu is the only mid-sized car to win the Consumers Digest award for the third consecutive year. "Best Buys" are based on behind-the-wheel assessment, safety ratings, ownership costs, warranty, price, comfort, ergonomics, styling and amenities.

From The Detroit News:‘Best-Buy-’-top-safety-honors#ixzz18IcKmH00





Buick Regal Named NADAguides’ 2011 Car of the Year Award at L.A. Auto Show

The 2011 Buick Regal won the Car of the Year Award from NADAguides, a leading provider of vehicle pricing and information, at the Los Angeles International Auto Show on Wednesday.

The Buick Regal beat 10 other contenders based upon a combination of factors, including performance, styling, design, fuel economy, safety features, cost of ownership and price point.

“The Buick Regal has had a revolutionizing effect on Buick,” said Troy Snyder, director of product development for NADAguides. “The brand is definitely on the right road and it’s clear that the Regal is just the beginning of great Buick vehicles to come.”

In September, when NADAguides honored Regal with its Car of the Month Award, the publication praised the sedan’s fuel-efficient 182 HP direct-injection 2.4-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine and Four-Link Independent Rear Suspension for providing a smooth ride “fit for a king.”

NADAguides also noted Regal’s use of Bluetooth® connectivity, OnStar, USB port for MP3 devices, and voice-activated navigation as clear indications that “Buick knows all about modern advanced technology.”




6 Cars That Will Make GM An American Icon Again!

by Jerry Edgerton

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can General Motors (NYSE: GM - News) once again reign as the world's largest automaker? Will investors in Thursday's IPO look like geniuses or dupes? And will taxpayers see a return on their $50 billion bailout? It all comes down to this: Do you want to buy one of these six cars? If you -- and a few million others every year -- see a good reason to part with your hard-earned money in the following slides, then GM just may rise again.

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Chevrolet Silverado

While it's the sleek sports cars and green gas sippers that get all the press, pickup trucks haul in the profits.

Although not redesigned as recently as its arch-rival the Ford F-series, the Silverado remains among the top-selling vehicles in America. And J.D. Power analyst Jeff Schuster notes that pickups have led this year's recovery in sales -- both the Silverado 1500 version often bought by individuals and the bigger work pickups going to contractors and other small businesses.

Cadillac CTS

As GM's market share slumped over the years, so did Cadillac's image as a luxury brand vs. German and Japanese competitors. But Cadillac has come a long way from 1980s disasters such as the Cimarron. Leading the sleek new parade are the CTS sedan, wagon, and, for 2011, a coupe.

Reviewers like the CTS combination of comfort and sporty performance. And, like a luxury car should, it has a high-performance version, the CTS-V. With a 6.2 liter, 556-horsepower V-8 -- take that, Germans -- the souped up CTS stands up well to European competitors in race track test drives. Whether the CTS suits your tastes or not, it's dripping 'tude, something most GM offerings have lacked for decades.

Chevrolet Equinox

The Equinox gives GM a worthy competitor in the compact SUV category against sales leaders Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Reviewers have given it high marks for being almost as roomy as a mid-size SUV but with gas mileage (22 mpg city, 32 highway) that rivals many sedans.

Buyers seem to like it, too. Combined sales for Equinox and its corporate sibling, the GMC Terrain, are up 169 percent compared with a year earlier. Having a compact crossover contender is especially important, since sales in recent years have been moving to these vehicles and away from bigger SUVs. And the high mileage here will help GM meet new federal requirements.

Buick Regal

The picture is certainly worth six words: This is not your father's Buick. In resurrecting its Regal nameplate and putting it on a car that is not the least bit stodgy, GM is making a strong statement. J.D. Power and Associate analyst Jeff Schuster predicts that the Regal will, as intended, lure in younger buyers.

"Is that really a Buick?" was the reaction of reviewers, who said the crisp handling could challenge luxury sport sedans like the Audi A4, even while selling at a lower price. Regal follows the already-successful Buick LaCrosse, whose strong sales contributed to GM's bang-up third-quarter results. On its website, however, GM still feels the need to explain that the new Regal has "modern, aerodynamic lines." The next step for the once-great company: Reaching the point where it doesn't have to tell people that.

Chevrolet Cruze

Television commercials show the Cruze hunting down its rivals with tag lines such as "It's Civic season." Cruze -- adapted from a car already popular in Europe -- is GM's first strong entry in the compact segment dominated by the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

"Cruze is a crucial model because it is the biggest launch since the bankruptcy," says J.D. Power's Schuster. And with its EPA ratings of 24 mpg in city driving and 36 on the highway, Cruze is essential to GM's strategy for meeting the strict 2016 federal average mileage requirements.

Chevrolet Volt

The beneficiary of years of publicity about plug-in electric cars, the Volt will begin silently rolling out of dealerships in December. Despite a brief controversy about its credentials as an electric car, the Volt has an advantage over its main plug-in competitor, the Nissan Leaf. When battery power runs out, the Volt has a back-up gasoline generator that sends power to the electric motor and extends its range up to 300 miles -- three times that of the battery-only Leaf.

Volt won't turn a profit anytime soon, but it should burnish GM's image as a company bringing out high-tech, green cars. "Volt will be a buzz creator, bringing in new customers who might not otherwise visit a Chevy showroom," says analyst Jesse Toprak, of automotive site And GM's top line will get a charge from GE, which recently announced it would buy 12,000 Volts for the corporate fleet.




October Vehicle Unit Sales: GM Leads Unit Sales Again - October


 GM                   183,543

Ford                  157,650

Toyota              145,474

Honda               98,811

Chrysler            90,137

Nissan              69,773

Hyundai            42,656

Kia                   31,199

Suburu              22,720

Volkswagen       20,084

BMW                19,272

Mercedes-Benz     19,076

Audi                  8,128

Mitsubishi         5,111

Suzuki              2,043




September Vehicle Unit Sales: GM Leads Unit Sales Again - September

GM - 173,155

Ford - 160,873

Toyota - 147,162

Chrysler - 100, 077

Nissan - 74,205

Hundai - 46,556

Honda - 42,764

Kia - 30,071

BMW - 23,112

Subaru - 21,432

Mercedes-Benz - 20,700

Volkswagen - 20,000

Mazda - 18,580

U.S. Auto Sales Gain Strength in September 2010


Posted 3:35 PM 10/01/10

September was supposed to a lukewarm month for auto sales with expectations that the languishing economy would keep consumers on the sidelines. During the final week of the month, however, it appears new car buyers pushed those concerns aside and headed to dealer showrooms.

The result was a dramatic surge in sales at domestic manufacturers Ford Motor (F) and Chrysler Group, which reported significant year-over-year gains of 46% and 61%, respectively -- well ahead of analyst expectations. General Motors, meanwhile, recorded a 10.5% rise, in line with forecasts.

"People seem to be saying, 'It's not as quite as scary anymore,'" says Arthur Wheaton, automotive analyst at Cornell University's ILR School. With September sales now in the books, manufacturers are on track to sell about 11.7 million vehicles for the 2010 calendar year. Though well below the 16 million to 17 million in annual sales seen in the mid-2000s, the 11.7 million rate "is still pretty strong for what it has been," Wheaton said.

Demand at Detroit's Big Three domestic automakers was driven in part by a pick up in sales of pickup trucks. GM noted that sales of its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup lines rose 65.9% and 52.9%, respectively, while Ford said its F-Series gained 40%. At Chrysler's newly formed Ram truck division, sales of pickups rose 26%, the company said.

"A lot of those are for businesses," Wheaton says, suggesting that business owners are willing to rejoin making capital investments.

In addition to trucks, consumers last month were keen on purchasing crossovers, a growing segment comprised of vehicles that offer the utility of an SUV with more car-like handling and fuel economy. For example, among its compact crossover group, GM said sales rose 101% compared to a year ago, while Ford reported a 186% rise in sales of its Ford Edge crossover.

For the month, GM overall sold 173,155 vehicles, compared to 156,673 in September 2009. Within its four core brands -- Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet -- GM said sales rose 22% year over year.

GM said sales were helped by a quick model-year transition to 2011 models, noting that the change was a "dramatic departure" from last year's changeover. Of GM's retail sales in September, 53% were 2011 model year vehicles-- nearly double last year's 27%.

Ford and Chrysler

Ford, meanwhile, credited a "balanced portfolio" of vehicles, noting that sales of each of its models rose compared to a year ago, with the exception of its venerable Ford Explorer midsized SUV, a replacement for which is set to debut later this year. For the month, the Dearborn, Mich., automaker sold 160,873 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln models.

Ford's market share also increased in September, marking the 23rd time in nearly as many months that its share of the retail market increased. The company is on track to gain market share for the second year in a row -- a result not achieved since 1993, it said.

"The key to our success in the U.S. market is the relentless cadence of new vehicle, powertrain and technology introductions," said U.S. sales chief Ken Czubay,

Chrysler said it sold a total 100,077 vehicles, up from 62,197 a year ago. The struggling Auburn Hills, Mich., company said September marked the sixth consecutive month of year-over-year sales increases, and the second month this year that sales exceeded 100,000 units.

"We will continue to build sales momentum this fall as a slate of new product begins arriving in our dealerships," said U.S. sales chief Fred Diaz in a statement. "Consumers soon will be able to see more of our all-new and significantly-refreshed vehicles in our dealerships."

Among models consumers can soon expect to see in dealer showrooms are the new 2011 Chrysler 200, which replaces the frumpy Chrysler Sebring, and a new Dodge Durango SUV. Also due this quarter are revamped versions of the Jeep Patriot and Wrangler, as well as the fresh iterations of the company's iconic minivans -- the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan.

Other soon-to-be available models include the 2011 Dodge Charger and Avenger, Chrysler said. In total, Chrysler this year is introducing 16 all-new or refreshed vehicles, representing 75% of its lineup.

Asian and European Producers

Beleaguered Toyota Motor (TM) said its September sales rose 16.8% to 147,162 units, marking the seventh straight month it sold fewer cars in the U.S. than Ford, which Toyota routinely outsold during the last three years. Sales of namesake Toyota brand vehicles rose 20.5%, but those at its luxury Lexus division slipped 5.5%, Toyota said.

The numbers suggest that Toyota, for the meantime, is relegated to the No. 3 sales spot in the U.S. Not only has Ford managed to surpass Toyota, analyst Wheaton says, it's nipping at GM's heels, noting that Ford sold only about 13,000 fewer vehicles than GM did in September. That cuts more than in half the 40,000 vehicle lead GM held over Ford in September 2009, he says.

Toyota sales have been hurt by a series of safety recalls, the bulk of which are related to unintended acceleration. Though the company has recalled some 8 million vehicles to fix the problem, continued press coverage of the fallout from the recall continue to hammer Toyota's carefully crafted image for safety and quality.

Though many car companies have benefited from Toyota's woes, none have more so than Honda Motor (HMC), which said sales rose 26% compared to a year ago. Among begin sellers was its large Accord sedan -- a direct competitor to Toyota's popular Camry. Accord sales rose 16% to 24,127 for the month, while those of the Civic compact rose about as much to 18,637 units, Honda said.

"Both Honda and Acura Divisions have car and light-truck products with significant momentum in the marketplace," said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. Acura sales rose nearly 48% in September, giving the luxury-vehicle division its eighth successive month of sales gains. Honda sales nonetheless failed to live up to analyst forecasts of a gain of 37%, according to

As anticipated, Hyundai Motor set a sales record for the month, selling 46,556 vehicles, a gain of 48%. Hyundai sales were driven in part by a dramatic increase in demand for the restyled Sonata midsized sedan, which went on sales earlier this year. Sales of the Sonata, some of which are subject to a recent recall to address steering problems, rose 161%, the South Korean automaker said. Another big gainer was the small Tucson SUV, which recorded a 725% sales rise.

The story was similar at Hyundai sister make, Kia Motors, which also recorded an all-time sales record for September. Kia's 39% sales jump was by strong demand for the 2011 Sorento. Some 10,000 copies of the midsized crossover vehicle were sold, accounting for a third of Kia's 30,071 in sales during September.

Nissan Motors (NSANY) said sales rose 34% to 74.205 units versus 55,393 in the year-ago period. Nissan brand vehicle sales rose 35% for the month, while sales of Infiniti vehicles rose 25.6% over a year before. For the year, Nissan said its sales have risen 16%

Among other Asian makes, Subaru said it posted its best-ever sales in September, driven higher by strong demand for its Outback and Forester SUV models. Overall, Subaru said, sales rose 47% to 21,432 units, compared to 14,593 vehicles in September a year ago. Mazda Motor, meanwhile, reported sales advanced 30.5% to 18,580 units.

German automaker Volkswagen said U.S. sales rose 15% to nearly 20,000 units for the month compared to a year ago. Mercedes-Benz outsold Volkswagen in the U.S. by about 1,000 vehicles, selling nearly 20,700 cars and trucks, 22% ahead of last year and recording its best sales month this year.

BMW Group, which sells both BMW and Mini models in the U.S., reported sales rose 20.5% in September to 23,112 vehicles. Year-to-date, BMW sales have risen 7.2%.

See full article from DailyFinance:



General Motors Leads Again In Vehicle Sales For July 2010



Developing table


Automaker Jul-10 Jul-09 Pct. chng. 7 month 7 month Pct. chng.
2010 2009
BMW Group* 23,416 21,280 10% 145,157 135,890 7%
Chrysler Group LLC 93,313 88,900 5% 620,532 560,097 11%
Daimler AG** 18,619 17,661 5% 129,001 111,400 16%
Ford Motor Co.*** 170,208 164,795 3% 1,151,560 938,037 23%
General Motors**** 199,602 188,156 6% 1,277,203 1,135,674 13%
Honda (American)† 112,437 114,690 -2% 706,346 645,468 9%
Hyundai Group†† 89,525 74,898 20% 515,376 426,988 21%
Isuzu - - -% - 165 -100%
Jaguar Land Rover 3,808 2,607 46% 24,623 20,793 18%
Maserati 156 98 59% 1,068 691 55%
Mazda 20,732 19,032 9% 136,451 119,413 14%
Mitsubishi 5,648 4,847 17% 32,138 31,314 3%
Nissan††† 82,337 71,847 15% 522,669 419,591 25%
Porsche 2,703 1,544 75% 13,687 11,203 22%
Saab Spyker Automobile‡ 470 - -% 1,208 - -%
Subaru 23,983 21,839 10% 149,943 115,145 30%
Suzuki 1,952 3,508 -44% 13,501 25,916 -48%
Toyota‡‡ 169,224 174,871 -3% 1,015,766 945,318 8%
VW‡‡‡ 31,753 27,103 17% 206,893 162,613 27%
Other (estimate) 294 306 -4% 2,058 2,142 -4%
TOTAL 1,050,180 997,982 5% 6,665,180 5,807,858 15%


Numbers in this table are calculated by Automotive News based on actual monthly sales reported by the manufacturers and may differ from numbers reported elsewhere.
Source: Automotive News Data Center
Note: Other includes estimates for Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus
*Includes Mini Cooper and Rolls-Royce
**Includes Maybach, Mercedes-Benz and Smart
***Includes Volvo
****Includes Saab through February 2010
†Includes Honda Division and Acura
††Includes Hyundai and Kia
†††Includes Nissan Division and Infiniti
‡The sale of Saab was final on February 23, 2010
‡‡Includes Toyota Division, Lexus and Scion
‡‡‡Includes VW, Audi and Bentley




Jul 12, 2010

GM - Goat to Hero: GM Manages to Grab Half the "Best Launch" Awards from

By Jim Henry | Jul 12, 2010

General Motors is starting to gain some traction in its effort to put its image as “Generic Motors” in the rearview mirror. The timing is good, since GM is getting ready to take itself public again.

Surprisingly, GM won awards from last week for five successful new-product launches in the last year out of 10 possible spots.

That’s especially good news for GM, because creating distinctive and attractive new products and matching them up with the right brand names is something that’s been troublesome for the company, even though it may sound simple.

The poster child for GM’s troubled new-product pipeline was the notoriously homely Pontiac Aztek and its slightly less-homely sister, the Buick Rendezvous, back in 2001. However, the company has launched plenty of other lookalike GM cars and trucks since then. GM has been known for parceling out cars to its many brands in order to maximize sales volume, whether they fit the various brands or not.

That’s how GM ended up with non-sequiturs like Pontiac, the quote-unquote “excitement” division, selling minivans; the “import-fighting” Saturn division selling imported cars; the “premium import” Saab brand selling U.S.-built SUVs. As part of its bankruptcy restructuring last year, GM dropped Pontiac, Saturn, Saab and Hummer.

The winning models for GM for the Launch Breakthrough Award were the Chevy Camaro, the Chevy Equinox, the Cadillac SRX, the Buick LaCrosse and the GMC Terrain. All share parts and development costs with other models spread across GM’s worldwide operations, without looking too much alike. Not only that, according to GM several of its new models are retailing for thousands of dollars more than the models they replaced.

GM would never phrase it quite this way, but one of the main things it needs to do is “accelerate the development of new products our customers want and value.” GM wouldn’t phrase it that way because it’s a phrase from Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally. It’s a key element of Mullaly’s simple business plan for Ford, which fits on the back of a business card. “One Ford,” another keystone of Mullaly’s plan, refers to Ford’s need to get its worldwide divisions on the same page.

In parallel with its new-product efforts, GM is engaged in exactly the same thing. The awards are a sign GM is on the right track, but higher retail prices are the ultimate praise.




May 17, 2010

GM Rebounds With $865M 1Q Profit!


GM rides cost cuts, new model sales to 1Q profit

GM rebounds with US economic recovery, rides cost cuts and new models to $865M 1Q profit

, On Monday May 17, 2010, 9:53 am

DETROIT (AP) -- General Motors Co. rode expense cuts from its bankruptcy and strong sales of redesigned models to its first quarterly net income in nearly three years, drawing the company closer to a stock offering that would repay at least part of its government aid.

The $865 million first-quarter profit is a dramatic reversal from the huge $6 billion loss in the same period last year. The last time the company made a quarterly profit was the second quarter of 2007, when it earned $891 million.

The Detroit automaker said it made money because debt and other expenses were slashed by its stay in bankruptcy court, and because of strong new-model sales. It also generated higher revenue from growth in Asia and South America.

The earnings of $1.66 per share from January through March are stunningly different from the first quarter of last year, when the largest U.S. automaker lost $9.78 per share as it skidded into bankruptcy protection.

First-quarter revenue soared 40 percent to $31.5 billion.

GM lost $3.4 billion in the fourth quarter of 2009 on revenues of $32.3 billion, the company's first full quarter out of bankruptcy protection.

Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddell was said it may be difficult to sustain the same level of profit for the remainder of the year because first-quarter production is usually higher than other quarters, with automakers ramping up for the spring selling season.

"I'd still be reasonably cautious about the rest of the year," he said.

New models such as the Chevrolet Equinox small sport utility vehicle and the Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan lifted GM's North American operations to a $1.2 billion profit, compared with a $3.4 billion loss in the year-earlier quarter. North America had been a continual drain on GM's profits before its bankruptcy filing last year.

CEO Ed Whitacre has predicted a full-year profit as U.S. auto sales continue their slow recovery. That could lead to a public stock offering late in the year and full repayment of the $50 billion in U.S. government aid that stopped GM from going under last year. The U.S. government now owns 61 percent of the company.

Liddell said the company hasn't committed to any date for a public stock offering. GM has said, however, that it hopes to make an initial public stock offering late this year.

In bankrutpcy court, GM was split into two companies, the old one carrying unprofitable assets and much of its debt, while the new one moved forward with a much stronger balance sheet. Based on the trading price of Old GM's bonds, the U.S. government could get back $40 billion, former Obama administration auto czar Steven Rattner said last week.

Also on Monday, GM said it paid $203 million in dividends to its preferred stockholders, the U.S. and Canadian governments and a United Auto Workers union retiree health care trust.

The company reported $35.7 billion in cash at the end of the quarter, including a final installment in April of $6.6 billion in aid from the U.S. government. That money had been held in escrow by the government and is included in the $50 billion aid total.

GM has lost more than $86 billion since 2005, even though it had a few profitable quarters along the way. Before heading into bankruptcy protection last year it had almost $53 billion in debt, but it ended last quarter at $14 billion. GM paid $5.8 billion to the U.S. and Canadian governments in April, reducing its debt further to $8.4 billion.

The automaker has repaid a total of $6.7 billion to the U.S. government, and the Obama administration hopes to get the remaining $43 billion by selling its 61 percent stake in the country's largest automaker.

The remaining balance on the government aid tab isn't considered debt since it was converted to equity in the company.

GM, once a symbol of U.S. industrial might, would have disappeared late in 2008 or early last year without help from the government. The company cut 10,000 workers last quarter and now employs 205,000 people across the globe, including 77,000 in the U.S.

The company has cut worldwide employment by nearly half in the past decade.




May 3, 2010

April 2010 Auto Sales By Units | GM Largest Sales Of All Car Makers:

GM: 183,091

Ford: 162,996

Toyota: 157,439

Honda: 113,697

Chrysler: 95,703

Los Angeles Times |

Automakers see sales jump in April

Read Story Here:,0,3748070.story 



May 3, 2010

Chevrolet Camaro and Equinox win Awards

The Chevrolet Equinox was named the Interior of the Year for Trucks, and the Chevrolet Camaro

was named the Interior of the Year for Sports Cars by Ward’s AutoWorld Magazine. GM will

accept the awards during Ward’s Auto Interior Conference on May 19 at the Dearborn Ritz




Posted: April 27, 2010 10:34 PM

How Ed Whitacre Is Rebuilding General Motors

It's no secret I have been critical of General Motors management, right up to its bankruptcy filing a year ago. For decades, GM management focused on short-term profits, while it was steadily losing market share - from 53 percent of the U.S. market all the way down to 19 percent. Along the way it was unable to keep pace with international competitors or shifting customer demand and concessions in work rules, health care and pensions to its union that caused the firm to fail when the market collapsed in the fall of 2008.

All that changed rapidly when the Obama administration appointed Ed Whitacre as its chair in July 2009. Whitacre, the highly successful ex-CEO of ATT, took over as CEO as well last fall and immediately started transforming GM into a modern auto company that could compete in both the U.S. and world markets.

He went out on a limb and promised GM would return to profitability within two years and repay its debts to the United States government within seven years. At the time GM was still in the red, while Ford was thriving and Toyota was outpacing both in worldwide production and sales. Furthermore, American consumers were distrustful of General Motors quality and angry that their tax dollars had been used to keep the company on life support.

When Toyota encountered its quality problems earlier this year, Whitacre moved in high gear to capture the available market share. Now he has taken action to fulfill his promises. Not only has General Motors repaid its loan with interest from the United States government, it has continued to improve customer service. Currently, GM is projecting ambitious global growth in 2010 and 2011. In the coming months, the company plans to initiate a public sale of stock, allowing the automaker to regain its independence from the U.S. government.

How did this turnaround happen so rapidly? How did Whitacre restore a bankrupt giant, repay billions to the government, and make bold growth projections for the future?

Whitacre made the tough internal decisions. He shed unprofitable brands like Saturn, Hummer, Saab, and Pontiac, eliminated layers of management, abandoned the company's fossil-like committee structure, reduced excess global inventory, and closed 1,350 underperforming dealerships. Those were not popular decisions internally or with GM's bloated dealer structure. But they were necessary steps to shed its losses and transition away from the finance-driven "analysis paralysis" that dominated its management for four decades.

He became the face of the company with the public. With public speeches, press interviews, and even starring in company ads, Whitacre put himself on the line with the American public. Americans wanted a real leader at the helm of GM, and Whitacre was willing to be that person.

He regained trust in the company. By backing up his public promises - and offering himself up as the new face of GM, Whitacre lent personality and warmth to a brand that had become a concrete monolith of stagnation. At risk to his impressive professional career, Whitacre put his reputation on the line. He fought for new customers by making promises about GM's autos and trucks and their quality, even offering a "money back guarantee." If nothing else, Americans respect a confident, trustworthy leader who is trying to restore respect for a tattered institutional brand.

He's not done yet. Whitacre is not one who rests when a preliminary goal is met. In his recent television spot and speeches, it's clear that he and GM management are focused on improving GM's product lineup while fulfilling its promises to its customers.

At a time when so many leaders have failed, Americans are pleased to rally around a corporate comeback story built on trust and quality assurance. With Ed Whitacre still at the helm, it's a comeback story that could keep going for years to come.

Follow Bill George on Twitter:




Cadillac DTS Named Industry’s Most Dependable Large Premium Car

J.D. Power and Associates study finds DTS has the fewest problems in the industry

DETROIT, MI., – Today Cadillac DTS was named the industry’s most dependable large premium car, part of the results of the 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study from J.D. Power and Associates. In addition, the study found that the Cadillac DTS has the fewest problems in the industry, with just 76 problems per 100 vehicles.

“It’s gratifying for DTS to excel in a study that is well respected by consumers,” said Don Butler, vice president of Cadillac marketing. “Luxury buyers value leadership in the products they select, from brands that they trust.”

In addition to the full-size DTS luxury sedan being named as the industry’s most dependable large premium car, Cadillac’s STS (Midsize Premium Car) and CTS (Entry Premium Vehicle) sedans and Escalade EXT (Large Premium Multi-Activity Vehicle) reached the top-three of their respective segments. Cadillac DTS offers advanced technologies such as Magnetic Ride Control, Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control. All Cadillac models feature 5-year/100,000-mile transferrable powertrain warranty, with Courtesy Transportation and 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

J.D. Power and Associates’ annual Vehicle Dependability Study is a U.S.-market based survey providing insight into quality and reliability as vehicles approach the end of a typical warranty cycle. The study surveyed more than 52,000 owners on any problems encountered during the past 12 months on three year-old vehicles (model year 2007.) More information can be found at



Buick Ranks High in 2010 J. D. Power Study

J.D. Power and Associates announced that Buick ranked third in vehicle dependability for three-year old models, further demonstrating Buick’s commitment to vehicle quality and reputation.

Buick has ranked in the top ten brands in the J.D. Power and Associates dependability study for the past nine years. The study tracks vehicle issues over a three-year ownership period and this year evaluates 198 problem areas, which provides insight into the reliability and dependability of a brand and specific model as they approach the end of a typical warranty period.

The Buick LaCrosse received top honors in the midsize car segment for the second year in a row, outperforming the competition. The Buick Lucerne is among the top three models in the large car segment and the Buick Terraza came in third in the midsize van segment.



Motor Trend Declares “Buick is Back!”

For the first time in 28 years, Buick dominates the cover of Motor Trend magazine, along with a headline declaring “Buick is Back!” The April issue of the premier automotive publication features photos of the Buick LaCrosse, Regal Turbo and Regal GS Concept and touts the growing momentum behind Buick.

The April 2010 edition of the magazine includes two Buick features; a drive review of the new 2011 Regal called “International Rescue” and “Trading Places,” a comparison of the 2010 LaCrosse and the 2010 Lexus ES350, in which LaCrosse emerges the winner. The Century T-Type was the last Buick to grace cover of Motor Trend in August of 1982. The April issue of Motor Trend is now available on newsstands.

“We are thrilled to be honored with the placement of Buick models on the cover of Motor Trend,” said John Schwegman, U.S. marketing vice president, Buick GMC. "The declaration that 'Buick is Back' attests to the transformation of the Buick brand and the buzz building for the LaCrosse and Regal. It shows that we are introducing cars that merit the attention of auto enthusiasts, including the editors of Motor Trend."                

Read the review here:



GM Brands Rank Tops for Service


GM’s brand dealerships are now providing the best service among mass-market automakers to drivers in their early years of ownership, a comprehensive annual report says, according to the Toronto Star.

J.D. Power and Associates said Wednesday its study shows retailers under six GM brands – including three that are being eliminated – posted most of the highest scores for service to customers with new vehicles in the first three years of operation in the United States, Canada and several other countries.

HUMMER, Saturn, Buick and Chevrolet dealerships led the rankings while Pontiac and GMC held the sixth and seventh positions for levels of service initiation, quality, advice, and facility.

The only brand to break GM's dominance at the top of the study's rankings is BMW's Mini branch.

Among luxury brands, Toyota's Lexus, GM's Cadillac, Jaguar, Honda's Acura and BMW generated the highest scores.

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Chevrolet Picks Up Eight Awards at Chicago Auto Show

Chevrolet General Manager Jim Campbell accepted eight awards, from three different organizations, that recognized the best of the Chevrolet line-up. 

MotorWeek presented two awards to Chevrolet, including MotorWeek’s Best Sport Coupe award for the Camaro and MotorWeek’s Best Small Utility award for the Equinox. The editorial staff of MotorWeek test drives more than 150 cars, trucks and utilities each year. Drivers’ Choice Award winners are chosen following a comprehensive evaluation of factors that matter most to consumers – performance, technology, practicality and value.
Chevrolet also collected three awards from the first-ever Internet Car and Truck of the Year. A panel of 12 online automotive journalists named the Equinox the Jurors’ Truck of the Year. In addition, the Equinox was named the Public Truck of the Year, and Camaro the Public Car of the Year, based on more than 50,000 reader votes cast online. 

Finally, IntelliChoice recognized three 2009 Chevrolets as the Best Overall Value in their segments, including the Corvette, Silverado, and Silverado HD. The IntelliChoice Best Overall Values identify vehicles with the best total costs to own and operate a vehicle for the first five years of ownership. Selected from over 1,700 model-year domestic and import vehicles from 2009, the Best Overall Value of the Year awards recognize the best car values by class.



2010 Buick LaCrosse Named MotorWeek’s Drivers’ Choice Award winner for "Best Luxury Sedan"

The LaCrosse Continues to Earn Industry Praise for Design and Quality

The 2010 Buick LaCrosse continues to earn industry praise and recognition, as it receives a 2010 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award today at the Chicago Auto Show. The LaCrosse was named MotorWeek’s Drivers’ Choice Award winner for "Best Luxury Sedan."

"MotorWeek’s Drivers’ Choice Award for ‘Best Luxury Sedan’ is a great honor for the Buick LaCrosse and confirms the growing momentum behind the car,” said Brian Sweeney, general manager of Buick GMC. “The LaCrosse is a leader in the luxury sedan segment and continues to sell quickly off dealer lots. This award is tribute to the designers, engineers, sales team, employees who build the LaCrosse in Fairfax and dealers who work so hard to bring the LaCrosse to market.”

The annual MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards are chosen by MotorWeek’s editorial staff who test drive more than 150 cars, trucks and utilities each year. Winners are then selected on factors including performance, technology, practicality and value. 

According to MotorWeek the LaCrosse received its top honor for its “stunning good looks and quality inside and out.” The 2010 Buick LaCrosse luxury sedan has been redesigned from the ground up, and offers all-wheel drive, a suite of advanced personal technologies and safety features and a luxurious interior.

In addition to two fuel-saving V-6 engines, a new fuel-efficient, direct inject Ecotec 2.4L four-cylinder engine will be available with the LaCrosse CX model this spring. As the only four-cylinder engine offered in its class, the new powertain is expected to deliver fuel economy of 30 mpg highway, making the LaCrosse one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its segment. 

With its long list of standard safety equipment, the LaCrosse’s safety credentials rate among the best in the industry. It earned five stars – the highest rating possible – in all four metrics from the federal government new car assessment program. The vehicle also received the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s IIHS Top Safety Pick award, achieving a “good” rating in each of the four crash simulations and offering StabiliTrak, electronic stability control shown to help drivers avoid certain types of crashes.

Other Buick LaCrosse Awards and Recognitions

  • Consumers Guide 2010 Best Buy and Recommendation Award 
  •’s 2010 Sedan of the Year 
  • Car’s Best New Cars of 2010 
  • 2010 North American Car of the Year finalist 
  • Cars’ Best New Cars of 2010 
  •’s 2010 Most Recommended Vehicles 
  • Drive Car Reviews “Top Picks for 2009” 
  •  -- Top Picks Award 



GM Receives Consumer Guide Automotive Awards

For more than 40 years, Consumer Guide has empowered car buyers to shop with confidence,
providing reviews in 18 vehicle categories. The following GM vehicles have been awarded with a
best buy or recommended buy from the 2010 Consumer Guide:

• Chevrolet Malibu – midsize car, best buy
• Chevrolet Corvette – premium sporty/performance car, best buy
• Chevrolet Equinox – midsize SUV, recommended buy
• Chevrolet Traverse – midsize SUV, best buy
• Chevrolet Tahoe – large SUV, best buy
• Chevrolet Suburban, large SUV, best buy
• Chevrolet Silverado, large pickup, recommended buy
• Buick LaCrosse – large car, best buy
• Buick Enclave, premium midsize SUV, best buy
• GMC Acadia – midsize SUV, best buy
• GMC Terrain – midsize SUV, recommended buy
• GMC Yukon – large SUV, best buy
• GMC Sierra 1500 – large pickup, recommended buy
• Cadillac CTS – premium midsize car, best buy
• Cadillac DTS – premium large car, recommended buy
• Cadillac Escalade – premium large SUV, recommended buy



Sierra 2500 HD Awarded 2010 Best Overall Truck Value by IntelliChoice

Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid, Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab, Sierra 3500 Crew Cab and Yukon Denali also named Best Overall Values of the Year

At the Chicago Auto Show today, the GMC Sierra 2500 HD received IntelliChoice’s prestigious "Best Overall Value of the Year" annual award, an honor it shares with the Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.

As the leading source for automotive ownership cost and value analysis, IntelliChoice recognizes vehicles in 31 classes and nine overall category winners. The Sierra 2500 HD was named the overall category winner for the Best Truck Value Over $28,000, and four other GMC models were named the top vehicle in its class. 

"The IntelliChoice ‘Best Overall Value" award is a top honor to receive in the automotive industry, and we are pleased that several Sierra models along with the Yukon Denali were recognized,” said Brian Sweeney, general manager of Buick GMC. "Today’s consumers are looking for vehicles that will provide the best value for their money, which is what we strive to accomplish with GMC trucks and SUVs. This award proves that we are achieving our goal."

Other GMC vehicles that took top honors as "Best Overall Value of the Year" include:

  • GMC Yukon Denali – Luxury SUV 
  • GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD – Full-Size Pickup 2WD ½ Ton (tie with the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid 2WD) 
  • GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid 4WD – Full-Size Pickup 4WD ½ Ton (tie with Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid 4WD) 
  • GMC Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD – Full-Size Pickup 4WD ¾ Ton (tie with the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 4WD) 
  • GMC Sierra 2500 HD Crew Cab 2WD – Full-Size Pickup 2WD ¾ Ton (tie with the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Crew Cab 2WD) 
  • GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab 2WD – Full-Size Pickup 2WD One Ton (tie with the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Crew Cab 2WD) 
  • GMC Sierra 3500 Crew Cab 4WD – Full-Size Pickup 4WD One Ton (tie with the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Crew Cab 4WD) 

The annual “Best Overall Value of the Year” awards evaluate approximately 1,800 vehicles to identify the models that offer the best value within their class.

They analyze data to determine actual cost of ownership over a five-year period, which factors in the accumulated ownership costs of depreciation, maintenance, repairs, fuel, fees, financing, and insurance to identify the true standout models in each class.





GM leads the world with 5 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009!


Toyota also had 5 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009

Ford had 4 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009

Honda had only 3 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009

Chrysler had only 1 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009

Nissan had only 1 of the top 20 vehicles sold in 2009

Hyundai had 0

Kia had 0


Vehicles 2009 volume 2009 % change from 2008

1. Ford F-Series 413,625 -19.8%
2. Toyota Camry 356,824 -18.3%
3. Chevrolet Silverado 316,544 -31.9%
4. Toyota Corolla 296,874 -15.4%
5. Honda Accord 287,492 -22.9%
6. Honda Civic 259,722 -23.5%
7. Nissan Altima 203,568 -24.5%
8. Honda CR-V 191,214 -3.1%
9. Ford Fusion 180,671 22.4%
10. Dodge Ram 177,268 -27.9%
11. Ford Escape 173,044 10.5%
12. Chevrolet Impala 165,565 -37.7%
13. Chevrolet
Malibu 161,568 -8.8%
14. Ford Focus 160,433 -18.1%
15. Toyota RAV4 149,088 8.8%
16. Toyota Prius 139.682 -12.1%
17. GMC Sierra 111,842 -33.6%
18. Lexus RX 93,379 10.9%
19. Subaru Legacy 86,330 29.1%
20. Chevrolet Equinox 86,148 27.7%

Source: Autodata


Recalled Vehicles More Than Double in 2009

Toyota is Poorest Performer
Source -- – December 30, 2009

More than twice as many light vehicles have been recalled in 2009 than 2008, with two campaigns accounting for nearly half of this year’s total, according to preliminary government data.

A Ward’s analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall notifications through mid-December shows U.S.-market auto makers initiated 105 campaigns affecting 18.4 million vehicles this year. In 2008, there were 101 recalls with implications for 7.7 million vehicles.

For the first time, Toyota was the poorest performer on a volume basis. The perennial quality leader’s nine campaigns ensnared 4.8 million vehicles, with the contentious issue of ill-fitting or unsecured floor mats accounting for 4.3 million.

Ford was close behind. Its four campaigns had implications for 4.5 million vehicles – a total that included some medium-duty truck models.

Chrysler initiated the most campaigns with 16. But they affected 565,558 vehicles, the lowest total of any U.S.-based auto maker. Numerous recalls affecting fewer vehicles, as in Chrysler’s case this year, can be an indicator of diligence, says Mike Donoughe, senior partner with St. Clair Consortium, a business consultancy.

“A company’s internal processes speak a little bit to their cultural orientation,” says Donoughe. “Are they proactive? Do they have a good customer feedback mechanism? Are they acting on that feedback in a timely and diligent manner or are they in a dithering mindset?”

The best strategy for addressing problems, particularly safety issues, is “deal with it, as it comes up, in real time,” he says. “Get it behind you as fast as possible,” Donoughe adds.

Litigators lining up to pursue damage claims linked to the Toyota floor-mat issue suggest the auto maker has long known about a problem – an allegation Toyota rejects. And Ford’s major recall was initiated after 18 months of investigation.

Meanwhile, General Motors, which topped 2008’s list of worst performers with 17 recall campaigns affecting 1.7 million vehicles, improved this year on both fronts. GM staged 12 recalls with implications for 2.2 million vehicles.

Hyundai – which has seen the U.S. largest market-share gain of any auto maker this year, according to Ward’s data – staged a significant turnaround in second-half 2009. After initiating five recalls affecting 1.2 million vehicles from January through June, Hyundai launched just two campaigns accounting for 3,093 vehicles.

Volvo was 2009’s poorest performer among Europe-based auto makers. With five of its seven recalls coming in the second half, accounting for 161,688 vehicles, it vaulted past Volkswagen’s eight recalls that had implications for just over 100,000 vehicles.

Honda recorded what likely was the nastiest recall of 2009. Because of excessive pressure in a driver’s side airbag inflator “metal fragments could pass through the air bag cushion material possibly causing injury to vehicle occupants,” NHTSA said. Some 440,000 Honda and Acura cars were affected.

Despite the industry’s year-over-year 139% leap in vehicles affected by recalls, 2009 trails by a wide margin the record of 24.3 million units, set in 2000, when Ford was stricken by the Firestone tire debacle.


How GM Stacks Up in 2009 Sales

Top six auto makers in the U.S. by 2009 vehicle sales and change from 2008






2,063,069 1,770,149 1,615,799 1,150,784 931,402 770,103
-29.7% -20.2% -15.3% -19.5% -35.9% -19.0%

Note: Data are preliminary
Source: Autodata and


Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Post Sales Gains in December

  • Retail Sales of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac Up 13 Percent
  • GM Retail Market Share Increased Two Share Points in Q4 vs. Q3
  • U.S. Dealer Inventory Reaches 385,000 – Lowest Year-End Level on Record

GM dealers in the U.S. reported 160,996 retail deliveries in December – a seven percent increase compared to last year, and a 50 percent increase over last month. Retail sales of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands were 146,419 – up 13 percent for the month. In total, GM dealers in the U.S. delivered 208,511 vehicles in December. This represents a total sales decline of six percent from the previous year, driven primarily by declines in fleet sales (33 percent) and in sales of non-core brands (55 percent).

"The fact that our retail market share has increased two full points from the third to fourth quarters demonstrates that we are strengthening our brands," said Susan Docherty, vice president, Sales, Service and Marketing. "We are delivering a healthier sales mix and earning consumer confidence through our launch vehicles such as Chevy Equinox and Camaro, Buick LaCrosse, GMC Terrain and Cadillac SRX."

In 2009, GM dealers delivered 2,084,492 vehicles, down 30 percent compared with 2008. "The year-over-year comparison reflects a 38 percent reduction in fleet, reduced overall incentive spending and the orderly wind-down of the Pontiac and Saturn brands," Docherty said. "Our sell-down of Pontiac and Saturn inventory is 10 months ahead of schedule and we only have about 1,700 vehicles left – 800 Pontiacs and 900 Saturns. This shows real progress in our action plans."

Other December Key Facts:

  • Retail sales of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac brands were 13 percent higher than in 2008 – achieved with 47 percent less inventory than last year
  • Chevrolet retail sales were up 14 percent – driven by strong sales of Camaro (7,518 sales – segment leader for 7th straight month), Traverse (up 92 percent), Malibu (up 34 percent) and Equinox (up 137 percent)
  • Buick retail sales were up 32 percent compared with a year ago on the continued strength of LaCrosse (up 370 percent) and Enclave (up 37 percent)
  • GMC retail sales were up four percent vs. December 2008 on strong Acadia sales (up 49 percent) and Terrain (up 197 percent vs. the vehicle it replaced, Pontiac Torrent)
  • Cadillac retail sales were up seven percent, led by the 2010 SRX, with sales 357 percent higher than a year ago (4,880 vs. 1,069)
  • December month-end dealer inventory of 385,000 – the lowest year-end level on record
  • Total GM crossover retail sales were up 67 percent

"The year 2009 was a watershed year for us in many ways. From our dealer restructuring to our focus on Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC, we have made the difficult but necessary decisions to position our new company for success," Docherty added. "We’re looking forward to 2010 as a year when the economy continues a modest recovery, industry sales begin to improve and our outstanding new products build additional sales momentum."


GM Says China Sales Up 67 Percent In 2009

By The Associated Press 01/04/10 - 12:26 AM EST

BEIJING (AP) — General Motors Co. said Monday that 2009 sales in China by the company and its local partners rose 67 percent to a record 1.8 million vehicles amid tax cuts and incentives to help boost the industry.

Detroit-based GM and other global automakers are looking to China's fast-growing market to drive sales amid slack demand elsewhere. Chinese auto purchases surpassed those in the United States for all but two of the first 11 months of the year. Total sales for December are yet to be released.

GM said its own China sales in December soared 96.6 percent from a year earlier to a new monthly high of 189,793 vehicles.
"Despite the sales records in 2009, it looks as if 2010 will be even stronger. The industry outlook is strong and we expect more growth, albeit on a somewhat slower pace," GM China president Kevin Wale said in a statement.

Beijing has helped to boost auto sales with tax cuts and subsidies for drivers to shift to cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars. Most of that aid has gone to Chinese makers of smaller cars, though foreign producers also see sales rising.

GM and other automakers are looking to first-time buyers in smaller Chinese cities to help drive sales as incomes outside the country's prosperous east coast rise.

Product Award Wins
The Buick LaCrosse CSX and Cadillac CTS/CTS-V have been selected as Drive Car Reviews top picks for 2009.  The 2010 Chevrolet Equinox is an Honorable Mention.  

Here’s what they said about the Buick LaCrosse CSX:  “This sedan is such a departure for the brand it’s hard to fathom.  Turns out buyers are beginning to notice.  The word is the average LaCrosse buyer is 15 years younger than Buick’s normal demographic.  Standard on the CXS are heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and dramatic lighting in the sculpted cabin.  Wrapped up in bold sheetmetal, LaCrosse is a jolt to the competition.”

Their Cadillac comments:  “Making the list 3 years straight, the stealth fighter shaped Caddy is a joy to pilot.  The performance V model is so exhilarating, it will tempt even the most conservative drivers to tarnish their driving records.  There’s a wagon version too and soon a very edgy coupe.  Those looking at the usual suspects (3 Series, C Class, G37, IS, A4) deserve to put the CTS on the test drive list.”
Additionally, named LaCrosse as their Top Picks Award.  And, the Buick LaCrosse and Chevrolet Camaro won a spot on Best New Cars of 2010.






GM Announces 2008 Global Sales of 8.35 Million Vehicles! Of course, according to the news media, these are vehicles that people don't want to buy!

Record-setting sales performance in GM’s Latin America, Africa and Middle East and Asia Pacific regions, and a third consecutive 2 million vehicles sales performance in Europe during 2008 helped General Motors sell more than 8.35 million vehicles globally last year.

GM’s nearly 3% growth in both the Asia Pacific and LAAM regions partially offset North America sales that declined 21%, and growing pressure in Europe that resulted in 7% fewer sales. Compared with 2007, GM’s total sales were down 11%, reflecting continuing global economic pressures that include tightening credit, falling commodities prices and lack of GDP growth.

Here are some 2008 highlights:


Chevrolet sales in China grows 16% to nearly 200,000 vehicles; 1.09M vehicles sold in China sets record with 6 percent volume growth.

Chevrolet sales breakthrough 500,000 mark with record share; Opel sets sales record in Central and Eastern Europe with volume up 13%.

GM beats the industry with more than 1.27 million total vehicle sales in Latin America, Africa and Middle East Region, led by top-selling Chevrolet Corsa, Celta and Aveo.

GM continues emerging markets leadership with 2008 market share growth in 14 of 26 markets.

Please read the entire press release:




GM Sells More Than 9 Million Vehicles Globally In 2007

General Motors sold 9,369,524 cars and trucks around the world in 2007, an increase of 3 percent, according to preliminary sales figures released yesterday.

The 2007 tally is the second best global sales total in the company’s 100-year history, and marks the third consecutive year (2007, 2006, 2005) and the fourth year overall (1978) that GM sold more than 9 million vehicles in a calendar year.

GM’s global position – especially in emerging markets – built the sales momentum reflected in the 2007 performance.  GM’s sales highlights include:


  • Becoming the first global automaker to sell more than one million vehicles in China
  • Doubling sales in Russia to an all-time record of more than 258,000 vehicles, which is an increase of 95 percent
  • Setting a sales record in Brazil by selling nearly half a million vehicles
  • Posting record sales in two regions – Europe and Latin America, Africa and Middle East

Did you know that GM is the industry leader in its commitment to the American economy? GM helps support the livelihoods of more than a million people in North America. That's more than any other car manufacturer.


  • Every day, approximately one million North Americans earn their living helping GM build and sell cars in North America
  • More than 1.1 million people receive heath care benefits from GM
  • Toyota employs only about 38,000 people in North America


It's no surprise that GM tops the auto industry in our commitment to the American economy. We're building some of the best vehicles we've ever built and we're investing in America's future.

Feel free to pass along these facts:

U.S. Capital Investment (in Billions)

·                GM       $31.0*
·                Toyota   $13.4**
·                Honda    $8.5**

* GM data (1999-2002)

** Honda data (through 2006), Toyota data (through 2003)

Whether it's quality, safety, fuel economy, technology or design, GM has a strong story to tell.


This new study should open every Americans Eyes..........Wake Up American's!

Auto Jobs Disappearing


For every 10 jobs lost in the U.S. by one of the big three American automakers, only one job is created by a foreign automaker opening a plant in the US. Phil LeBeau, CNBC Auto Reporter, has more. Click link below:


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